walnut tree bark as a natural herbicide

Henk van Hartingsveldt HENK.VAN.HARTINGSVELDT at PFW.AGRO.nl
Mon Jul 11 04:20:15 EST 1994

In addition to the suggested allelopathic activity: a layer of whatever kind of
bark of course has a weed suppressing activity for a certain time, depending 
a.o. on its thickness. In weed control research in fruit growing in The 
Netherlands, we've tried pine bark and I know of several other sorts of tree
bark, applied for this purpose in various crops with varying success.

Henk van Hartingsveldt
harting at pfw.agro.nl

'      Is it true that the bark from walnut trees, mulched or otherwise, works 
'      as a natural herbicide?
'      Is it selective in it's toxicity or does it attack everything 
'      (i.e., broadleaves, monocots)?

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