Question: braided ficus

Wendy A. McCausland wm1k+ at
Thu Jul 14 09:29:08 EST 1994

I have recently purchased a braided ficus and do not know how to keep it
happy.  I bought it from Ikea,  therefore I could not get a detailed
description of its care.  The tree is presently shedding its leaves; 
they turn brown and then fall off.  I do not know if this is normal or
if I am neglecting one or more of its needs.  I keep it in a sunny room,
 near the window,  in an unair-conditioned apartment in Pittsburgh (it
is humid most summer days) and i keep the soil moist.  Does anyone know
what it is doing or what i am doing wrong?
-Wendy McCausland
  Carnegie Mellon University
  wm1k+ at

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