subsidiary cells in Arabidopsis/ An additional ISPMB stomata item

kearns at MIT.EDU kearns at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 14 17:51:59 EST 1994

Hi Stomataphiles,

I have been looking at stomata in whole plants of Arabidopsis and Wheat 
under a phase contrast microscope. Wheat has the nice dumb-bell shaped narrow
stomata typical of grasses with two rectangular cells flanking the dumb-bell.

Arabidopsis has two semi-circular guard cells in a sea of puzzle-piece
epidermal cells. From what can be seen under the microscope, there are
 no specialized cells flanking the guard cells. But just because all the 
epidermal cells look the same doesn't necessarily mean they are transcribing 
the same genes. Fred, I am counting on you to answer all our questions about
ontogeny! I really want to know where GCs come from in Arabidopsis.

I can't remember what GUS substrate Hetherington was using, but I do 
remember that some substrates spread to nearby cells. Thomas, do you remember
what Hetherington used and whether it stays in the target cell? This might be
the reason for GUS staining in neighboring cells. 

Oh, I was going through my ISPMB notebook again today, and I forgot to mention
that David Gillcrest at UC Davis ? has a cDNA library from a single guard cell.Wow!    


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