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| | keep their soil moist.  I hope this is the answer!
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sorry aboout this last posting friends
My newsreader let me down, and refused to
include my points of wisdom in the replymessage, as you might have noticed.

My point was:
Your ficus might be dropping its leaves because thy are not adopted to 
the light intensity in your window.  If it was previously grown in a heavily 
shaded greenhouse ( as ficus often are to prepare them fore poor indor light
conditions) its leaves are mor or less burned by the sun in your window.
But; STOP! don't run over and move it to a dark corner.

If this bright window of yours is where you want this ficus to decorate your room from,
leave it there.  Some more leaves will drop, but in its own time, it will give you new leaves, and much pleasure  ( if you don't drown it).

A ficus is not very fond of moving, even within a room, but it will adapt

Greetings, Erling.

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