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Neil Griffin neilgrif at
Fri Jul 15 03:39:21 EST 1994

[Details on various lighting systems for plant growth deleted.......]

Hello plantnetters

I followed this thread in bionet.plants with interest: I am a
phycologist (and so work with algae). Now, much of the culture work
undertaken in phycological labs (that I know about) uses only CW
flourescent, or, sometimes, CW flouresecent + incandescent. This post
is to ask roughly what proportion of plants, in your experience, grows
well under only CW flourescent, and, perhaps more importantly, what
proportion survives but shows abnormal growth? (by grow well I mean
grow such that they are indistinguishable from similar plants grown
under identical condition, only in natural light - WRT light, same
photoperiod, and mean intensity).


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