Rosa banksia

Dave L Robinson robin019 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Tue Jul 19 12:43:15 EST 1994

This is a common garden rose in southern Arizona, USA. As I recall, there
is a nice specimen in Tombstone, AZ, not far from the OK Corral. It is
known as the Tombstone Rose, touted as the "Largest Rosebush In The
World", and they charge people to see it. As you can surmise from the
desert location of the Banksia Rose it is a heat- and sun-lover. I'm not
sure what its frost tolerance is.

Dave Lowell Robinson
University of Minnesota

 On 19 Jul 1994, Peter Lundberg wrote:

> Does anyone know where to find *Rosa banksia* (the yellow banksia rose
> - a garden plant) in Europe (preferably in Scandinavia)? I saw it in
> gardens in Australia, but would like too get the plant for a garden
> here. Does anyone know anything about growth requirements etc for this
> species?
> Thanks, Peter

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