Leaf clearing techniques?

Biomancer barosb at alleg.edu
Wed Jul 20 13:42:20 EST 1994

I'm doing research with epidermal and mesophyll cells, especially  
counting cells per unit area after ABA treatment in Hippuris  
vulgaris...does anybody have a good, quick clearing method that will   
remove everything excpet cell walls?  I've  been using 90% EtOH followed  
by 7% NaOH, but it doesn't clear enough that I can see mesophyll cell  
walls.  Any suggestions?  Most of the readings that I've looked at are  
for the staining of xylem, but I don't need to see the xylem, and some  
even degrade cellulose, which for me would be bad.

Brandi Baros   barosb at alleg.edu
Allegheny College Bio dept. undergrad

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