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>Hi everyone,
>At the moment, we try to investigate the influence of stomatal 
>anatomy on the diffusion of gases through the stomata. My colleages 
>from the Department of Physics try to use a numerical model to 
>describe these diffusion processes in the steady state.
>To validate and test the model it would be necessary to measure 
>stomatal frequencies and dimensions (witdth opening, depth and width 
>of the stomatal cavity and some similar things....). 
>There are more or less two questions on these issues: Are there any 
>kind of standard methodologies to measure these characteristics? (And 
>where are they published? Has anybody any idea how good these 
>methodologies are?) and how to avoid the sampling problems 
>when scaling up from the stomata to the birch leaf or pine needle?
Using SEM on quickly frozen samples could be an appropriate method.
For measuring the depth of the pore throat cryofracture could be used.
Measurement can be done on photographs with the aid of image analysis 

van Gardingen,PR; Jefree,CE; Grace,J (1989): Variation in stomatal
aperture in leaves of Avena fatua L. observed by low-temperature
scanning electron microscopy. Plant, Cell and Environment 12, 887-898.

but see also chapter 7 in:

Weyers,J; Meidner,H (1990): Methods in Stomatal Research. Longman,

for other methods, and their many shortcomings.

I hope this helps.


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