HELP: How to grow Arabidopsis??

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Fri Jul 22 15:08:19 EST 1994


Is there FAQ somewhere which describes the "best way" the grow Arabadopsis
thaliana? If there isn't, could anyone provide me with information relating
to the following?

(a) suitable soil/potting mixes
(b) photoperiod
(c) PPFD
(d) nutritional requirements (how much; how often)
(e) diurnal temps (or should this be constant?)
(f) is a growth chamber necessary? or can I grow the plant on a bench top in
a teaching lab?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please post or respond to me via e-mail
(alex.enyedi at Thank you!!!!


PS: if appropriate, a summary will be posted to the newsgroup
Dr. Alexander J. Enyedi
Dept of Biological Sciences
Western Michigan University
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