Aural Photography

EdwardV800 edwardv800 at
Sat Jul 23 22:43:01 EST 1994

Whoa!  First time on the internet and here's an answer for a question from
out of the blue (and yes, your question may be appropriate to this
discussion area).  I became acquainted with aural photography about 18
years ago.  I believe the name is called Kirian or Kirlian photography. 
If memory servers me well, it may have been named after a Russian
(whatever) scientist who discovered the technique.  The process used a
high voltage plate with a sheet of poloride (sp.) film on top.  You place
your fingers on top of the film (in darkness, of course) apply the charge
and instant aural photograph.  Concentrating on different thoughts
affected the aural projection.  (There's probablly an physio-electro
explination to all this, but electricity is part of us all).

Now, how does this apply to plants?  I remember aural photographs taken of
plants and I vaguely remember something how plants ALSO project an aura. 
I'd imagine that all living things project an aura.

Hope this helps.
Mr. Ed.  

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