Attention plant pathologists

Kevin O'Donnell odonnell at
Mon Jul 25 09:22:47 EST 1994

A prototype diagnostics newsgroup has been set up.  It will provide
a forum for discussion of all aspects of diagnostics.

This means that as well as covering the full range of techniques
(antibody-based, nucleic acid-based etc.) the group will also cover
medics as well as plant pathologists.  This is partly due to the
desire to attain a critical mass, and partly due to the recognition 
that there is enough common ground to provide scope for useful

If you are involved in the detection and/or identification of 
pathogens and would like to subscribe, then you can do so by
sending the message

subscribe diagnost

to biosci-server at, leaving the subject line blank. 

Kevin O'Donnell
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency    

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