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Tue Jul 26 11:13:05 EST 1994

My mom just bought me a Yucca plant two weeks ago.  Right away it
(slowly) started getting small brown dry spotts on the leaves.
It is still very slow to appear.  Then two days ago I noticed on two
leaves there is a white dime size spott that looks like it bleached out.
And one white spott has a small brown spott in the middle of it.
I love this plant and would rather not have to see it die.  I have
called numerous plant places (including the place where I bought it)
and they keep telling me that You may be watering it to much, or you
don't water it enough.  Or it's to much sun.  Or to little sun.
I don't want to have to try all these things before I realize its dead.
And none of these places seems to be able to tell me anything on these
plants.  First they tell me to water it liberally.  To me, that means
water it often, but not flood it.  Then I hear I am supposed to
wait until it's completely dried out and dirt cracked before I water
it again.  Then I hear to keep it in as much light and direct sun
as possible and then to keep in partially in the shade.  ARRGGGHHHHHH!!

I bought a plant book to see if I could get some insight on this, and
the book leads me to believe that I have to water it liberally, give it
lots of light, and in the back of the book it has a problem page.
With the looks of it, it may look like Leaf Spot.  But leaf spot
is described as brown moist spots.  But the ones on my plant are dry
brown spots.   I am sort of at a loss here.  All my other plants are
doing and have always done just fine.  I love the looks of the Yucca
and truthfully I would be crushed if it died.  

BTW,  I keep it in a southern facing window.  But I live in Milwaukee
and the house right next to us is about 12 feet away.   So as it is not
always getting direct sunlight it gets lots of light.  If anyone
could give me information on what to do that would be greatly 
appreciated!!  Plus, if anyone could diagnose my problem that would
be great too.  I am also wondering about replanting it.  I still have
it in the pot that it came in, but the roots are starting to grow
out the bottom.  

Thanks for any advice you could give me.  If you could please e-mail
me direct that would help greatly.


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