refs. for Frank Berninger re. stomatal frequency and aperture

Ellen V Kearns kearns at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 25 19:30:58 EST 1994

Hi Everyone,

On Friday I sent out an answer to Frank's query regarding measurement of 
diffusion through stomatal pores. He wanted to draw up a model with some 
colleagues in Physics and needed to know about frequency, width of opening,
depth and width of the cavity, etc. 

Here are some refs. which may be helpful: 

Jonathan Weyers and Hans Meidner. 1990. Methods in Stomatal Research. Essex:
Longman Scientific and Technical   describes measurements of the eisodial 
aperture as well as pore width

C M Willmer. 1983. Stomata. London: Longman describes perigeneous, meso-
geneous, and perimesogeneous ancestries for stomatal patterning

Martin McAinsh, Colin Brownlee, and Alistair Hetherington. 1992. Visualizing
Changes in Cytosolic-Free Ca2+ during the response of stomatal guard cells to 
Abscisic Acid. The Plant Cell. 4:1113-1122   has refs. for epidermal peels,
which can be used to see frenquency and other parameters

E Zeiger, GD Farquhar, and IR Conway. 1987. Stomatal Function. Stanford Univ.
Press, Stanford CA  has a lot of information about stomata from the earliest
microscopic identification to modern experimentation

Have fun reading and good luck in your research! I look forward to hearing
more about it on the stomata list.

Ellen Kearns
kearns at

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