C3/C4 plant classification

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Fri Jul 29 16:27:04 EST 1994

        There is a review by W.J.S. Downton, "The Occurrence of C4
Photosynthesis Among Plants", Photosynthetica, 9 (1): 96-105,1975, that
lists a bunch of C4 plants (no representatives from the family Apocynaceae
were among them).  I don't know of anything more recent.  If you really get
stuck on this you might consider a simple experiment that will give you the
answer in a just a few hours(if you have a live specimen of the plant in
         I have assembled a field kit for distinguishing between C3 and C4
plants on the basis of their differential CO2 compensation points.  Details
about the kit can be found in C.M. Takahashi, D.E. Nelson, & G. Lister,"A
Simple Field Kit for Identifying C4 Plants", Archaeometry, 36, 173-175,
1994.  If you are interested in trying this experiment and require more
details please don't hesitate to contact me.
        I am considering the possibility of assembling this kit for the
convenience of those who are not inclined to build their own.  I estimate
the price to be about $150-200 per kit (this would cover cost of materials,
labour, and shipping charges--I'm not interested in making a profit, just
covering my own costs).  Right now I'm trying to determine if there is a
market for such a kit and whether or not this venture is feasible.  I would
appreciate any feedback on this.

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