allelopathy/ allelochemicals

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Fri Jul 29 07:07:10 EST 1994

Dear Plant-netters

Is anyone out there working on allelochemicals, particularly with regard to
their effect on the germination or post-germination development of seeds?
This is an area which is of particular interest to me. I also could do with some
pointers to recent publications in this field which I may have missed.
Literature searching is not as simple a process as it used to be since I do not
have access yet to the Science Citation Index. Going on Current Contents and
Current Advances is a slow process. Any pointers would help a lot.

Secondly, being interested in the effects of organism derived germination
triggers in general, is anyone working on the stimulation of seeds by plant
derived smoke? If so please E-mail me direct or via the net. since I am
interested to know the present situation of such work.

Both questions are to satisfy my interest, I am not working in the area myself
and I am not in the market of stealing ideas - I'm happy with published info.


David C. Logan
Biochimie et Physiologie Vegetales

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