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>Whoa!  First time on the internet and here's an answer for a question from
>out of the blue (and yes, your question may be appropriate to this
>discussion area).  I became acquainted with aural photography about 18
>years ago.  I believe the name is called Kirian or Kirlian photography. 
>If memory servers me well, it may have been named after a Russian
>(whatever) scientist who discovered the technique.  The process used a
>high voltage plate with a sheet of poloride (sp.) film on top.  You place
>your fingers on top of the film (in darkness, of course) apply the charge
>and instant aural photograph.  Concentrating on different thoughts
>affected the aural projection.  (There's probablly an physio-electro
>explination to all this, but electricity is part of us all).

Kirlian photography uses a high-frequency discharge coil that ionizes the 
atmosphere surrounding the subject. Moisture, transpiration enhances the 
effect (you can take Kirlian "aura" photos of coins, rocks, etc), which in 
most living systems are related to arousal/stress levels. Kirlian photos are 
certainly pretty, but there are more efficient tools for determining the 
health of plants.

There are at least two new books out on the subject since the 'Psychic 
Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain' book. I don't have their titles on hand- 
I believe one is simply titled _Kirlian Photography_- but both are not only 
more down to Earth, but give several alternate schematics for constructing the 
devices. It's fun stuff...


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