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Wed Jun 1 11:18:28 EST 1994

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Nicholas Michael Madjerick  <nm13+ at> wrote:
>I would appreciate the common names for the following:
>Arrhenatherum elatius 
    Tall oat grass
>Veronica hederaefolia
    Ivy-leaved speedwell
>Galinsoga ciliata
    Peruvian daisy
>Epilobium coloratum
    Cinnamon willow herb
>Circaea lutetiana
    Enchanter's nightshade
>Aster shortii
    Short's aster
>Aster pilosus
    Hairy aster
>Aster cordifolius
    Heart-leaved aster
>Comments,remarks,folklore for these plants would also be deeply appreciated.
>Nick Madjerick
>Reenchantment of Place Project
>Carnegie Mellon University

All of these except that particular Veronica grow here in the Chicago area,
though I have not personally seen the Arrhenatherum.  I regret that I don't
have time to provide additional information.

Ken Dritz

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