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Wed Jun 1 11:41:00 EST 1994

With the introduction of new color transparency films from both Fuji and Kodak, 
I am wondering if anyone has any new preferences for color transparency film 
for their bright-field or fluoresence microscopy.  My scopes both have 
compensating filters for daylight film when using the transmitted light source, 
so I am not restricted to using tungsten film.  What are your fellings on the 
below films for bright-field and low-light fluorescence.

Kodak Lumiere 100 or 100x (or even the 50 or 50x if they have come out yet)
 "    Elite 100
 "    tungsten 64 or 160
Kodachrome 25, 50, 200

Fujichrome Velvia (50 ASA)
  "        100
  "        Provia (100 ASA) - This film I have only seen advertised in 
		photography magazines.

I am also interested in your preferences for B&W negative film.  I have always 
used Kodak Technical Pan for bright-field and T-Max (400) for fluorescence.

Thanks  Mark Chamberlin (chamberlinma at     

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