Hybrid Elm being attacked by green worms! HELP!

hoefert5157 at ins.infonet.net hoefert5157 at ins.infonet.net
Sat Jun 4 06:26:20 EST 1994

I need help.  My hybrid elm trees are being overrun by green worms about the
width of a fingernail.  These tiny worms crawl inside the leaves and eat only
the insides.  If the tree is left untreated or unnoticed for awhile, some of
the leaves will be hollow shells, left only with their outer skins, almost
transparent.  When I do notice the worms inside the leaves, I spray the tree
with insecticide....but this entails donning jeans, sweatshirt, saftey goggles,
airmask, and rubber gloves, hauling a small tank on my back, and climbing these
20-30 foot elms to spray as much as possible.  I have been doing this a couple
of times each summer for the past 2 summers.  My elms had originally been
attacked by army worms (hanging in clumps, easy to detect), and since I have
put a ring of insecticide on the trunk of the elms, which has gotten rid of
them altogether, but these tiny worms get through -- possibly airborn moths or
something?  I am looking for an alternative to spraying and possibly breaking
my neck.  Could somebody please help?

hoefert5157 at ins.infonet.net

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