Tobacco/Phaseolus genome sizes

Klaus Schumann [Biologie] schumann at
Wed Jun 8 10:20:40 EST 1994

Phaseolus vulgaris 3.7pg (1) 2.7pg (2)
Nicotiana tabacum  7.8pg (1)
values are the diploid DNA-content (2C-value) determined by Feulgen cytophoto-
(1) Bennett MD et al.: Nuclear DNA amounts in angiosperms. Proc. R. Soc
    London B 216: 179-199 (1982)
(2) Bennett MD, Smith JB: Nuclear DNA amounts in angiosperms. Philos Trans R
    Soc Lond (B) 274: 227-274 (1976)

>Hello all,

>    Does anyone happen to know the approximate sizes of the tobacco and/or
>Phaseolus genomes?  If so, do you also have a reference to this?

>Thanks in advance,
>Timothy Bushnell
>Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
>Plant Research Group

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