Help! Spider Mites...entymoligist needed!

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Wed Jun 8 14:44:47 EST 1994

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>Jason C. Wold (jwold at wrote:
>: Help! I have houseplants, some of them edibles (herbs), and all are
>: infested with SPIDER MITES from the tree in the front yard.  I bought 
>: some spray for them but the warnings on the bottle made me cringe.  I 
>: refuse to put a toxin on my plants.  I shouldn't have even bought it.
>: Are they doomed?  Must I start anew?  
>: Someone please tell me there is something I can do that will not be
>: poison when I use it later. 
>We had quite a problem with spider mites when we were growing transgenic
>alfalfa.  They seemed to appear when the plants were badly maintained, and
>the growth chamber dirty.  
>Once infested, we cleaned the growth chamber, and tried to kill them with
>pyrethrins (derived from some flower, forget what...).   [...]


-Rich Young

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