Help! Spider Mites...entymoligist needed!

Alan McHughen mchughen at
Mon Jun 13 17:29:21 EST 1994

Frederick Thum (st93mey7 at Dunx1.OCS.Drexel.Edu) wrote:

: We had quite a problem with spider mites when we were growing transgenic
: alfalfa.  They seemed to appear when the plants were badly maintained, and

Did you have regulatory approval for this? What did the EPA think of your 
feeding transgenic material to innocent spider mites? Did the FDA approve 
of your allowing this transgenic stuff enter the food chain? How can I be 
sure *your* spider mites don't mate with *my* spider mites and transfer 
DNA to *my* pristine houseplants? Have you checked the mites for tumors 
recently? You also admit to mistreating your alfalfa ("...plants were 
badly maintained").  Honestly, some people have *NO* respect for the 
sanctity of life! I have a good mind to report you to the SPCA for 
abusing those innocent creatures- They probably don't even know they're 
eating genetically engineered alfalfa- I'l bet the plants aren't even 
labelled such that  the mites can make an informed choice! It's the 
cavalier attitude of Ivory Tower scientists like you that causes people 
to be suspicious. I'll tell you one thing- you're sure not going to get 
into *my* genes!


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