Leonotis leonurus: ** ANYONE?? **

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Mon Jun 13 19:26:03 EST 1994

> From: breeders at skull (Jose Miguel M.Sieuve Afonso)
> Subject: Leonotis leonurus: **  ANYONE??  **
> Date: 30 May 1994 20:37:19 GMT
> I'm currently studying a Labiacae, Leonotis leonurus a South-African 
> I'm looking for more poeple on this area who might want to swap ideas, 
> Anything on this pplant would be usefull!
> Thank You!
> Jose Sieuve Afonso

Jose -

I could not seem to reach you directly, hence this response on 
bionet.plants.  I do not ordinarily subscribe to this list, so
please try and answer me directly (maybe you'll have better luck!)
We grow this plant locally here in the S.F. Bay Area of California.
It is a handsome shrub, flowering reliably in the fall.  I have
seemn a white form occasionally offered and would be interested in
obtainins this form or other unusual color forms if they exist (I
understand that the white form breed true from seed).
What direction does your research take you?  Or are you trying to
find a path at the moment?
       Sean A. O'Hara, 710 Jean St., Oakland, Ca. 94610-1459
            saouc at uccmvsa.bitnet or sean.ohara at ucop.edu

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