Tue Jun 14 13:05:35 EST 1994

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>Does anyone know of any research being done on cacti?  What kind of
>research and on what species?



    "Any research" is so vague a concept....... There is a LOT of
research being done on cacti, from different perspectives and
disciplines.  I have colleagues doing research on ecology,
morphology, biogeography, a myriad of taxonomic/monographic
revisions, studies involving economic uses of cacti, and, in my
case, the study of phylogeny of the family.  There are far more than
a few species being studied, and the list of taxa is much too long
to discuss here. If there is a more specific question you have, it
may be possible to give a more useful answer.

     Good luck,

           Rob Wallace
           Asst. Professor of Botany
           Iowa State University

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