woops! Increasing co2 levels

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Tue Jun 14 17:55:27 EST 1994

In article <bevanda.4.771625183 at kai.ee.cit.ac.nz> bevanda at kai.ee.cit.ac.nz (Dai Bevan) writes:
>Well I must have been thinking about something else
>when I posted about wanting to decrease co2 levels.
>I actually want to know the best way to increase the
>enviromental co2 levels around plants in a sealed area,
>not much use reducing the co2 levels.
>Thanks again.
>                  Dai Bevan

A low tech way that works for small gas spaces (e.g. culture vessels)
is to use a CO2 buffer.  I used 1.5M KHCO3 /.5M K2CO3 which according 
to Warburg and Krippahl (Z. Naturforsch. 15b, 364-367, 1960) is in 
equilibrium with 2.3 vol% CO2 in the gas phase. 

Good luck

J. Peter Gogarten 
Univ. Of Connecticut
Peter at carrot.mcb.uconn.edu

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