Olive Tree Question

Dave rascal at netcom.com
Thu Jun 16 18:24:15 EST 1994

Tony Quilici (tonyq at rodeo.csd.sgi.com) wrote:
>    My wife and I have recently purchased a home in Mountain View, CA with 
> a large olive tree in the backyard. It is a beautiful tree but makes one
> heck of a mess. We have been told that there is something you can spray
> on the tree to keep it from producing fruit. I was wondering if anyone 
> is familiar with this type of product, when it should be applied, what 
> the cost is, where it can be purchased or any additional information.

I heard that there is some hormone spray for inhibiting olive fruiting 
(sprayed in the spring).  However, why not collect the fruits and cure 
your own olives?  There are methods of curing olives at different stages 
of ripeness.  I gathered 10 gallons of olives last year and cured them 
four different ways.  All of them turned out delicious.  I only have one 
jar left now.  I can't wait for the fall for more olives.

Dave in Southern California (USDA Zone 10)
rascal at netcom.com

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