woops! Increasing co2 levels

Drozd Michael DROZD at rzmain.rz.uni-ulm.de
Fri Jun 17 13:19:55 EST 1994

In <bevanda.4.771625183 at kai.ee.cit.ac.nz> bevanda at kai.ee.cit.ac.nz writes:

> Well I must have been thinking about something else
> when I posted about wanting to decrease co2 levels.
> I actually want to know the best way to increase the
> enviromental co2 levels around plants in a sealed area,
> not much use reducing the co2 levels.
If you manage to increase the life in the soil, respiration of the
animals and bacteria will increase co2. To please the little helpers, they
should get something to eat. Just put some organic matter on the ground.
However, a more detailed help on the selection of *organic matter*
especially for your greenhouse will be required to establish optimized 
conditions. Since i am no expert, i dont find the words to explain it
in english in detail. But i think thats a good direction.


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