squirrels & other vermin

krystyne at robin.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca krystyne at robin.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca
Mon Jun 20 15:51:27 EST 1994

   Hi!   I have a suggestion for anyone out there who has a
great garden BUT are having a slight problem with squirrels
and other pesky guys (groundhogs etc.) eating their stash.
   A couple of years ago I was so excited because I planted
corn in my garden.   To my shagrin the damn squirrels were
chewing at the corn stalks and toppling the plant down leaving
nothing but a barren wasted area littered with what was one my
pride and joy.   The few plants that were left I tried to protect
by putting cardboard around the bottom of the corn stalk.   Well,
that DID NOT work it seems as if the squirrels were making paper
airplanes out of them and leaving cardboard all over the back-
yard.   Foiled again!   Then the squirrels got hungry for my
other vegetables likr
ooppss, like tomatoes, cucumber (with a little vinaigrette), and
leaf lettuce.   FINALLY I tried something out this year that I
don't think they dug all that much.
   Get a small spray bottle and fill it three quarters with water,
now use a whole bottle of tobasco sauce, a few dibbles of any other
hot fiery sauce that you may have laying around and viola, you
have just concocted a brew that will send the little buggers running
holding thier little squirrel hands to thier throats desperately
searching for a cold beverage.   Just spray the stuff on your plants
and the squirrels try it once but suddenly search elsewhere for food.
It's cheap, humane and effective.   Now sit back and enjoy your

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