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Richard Dana rcdana at
Sat Jun 25 15:45:01 EST 1994

The isolation of DNA and RNA from plants of rainforests to preserve 
and study genes is the basic goal of PROJECT GREEN GENE.

The rapid destruction of the forests requires that a major effort be made 
to preserve seeds, plants, insects and also the DNA and RNA from the many
different species. Although there are many movements by many different 
groups PROJECT GREEN GENE provides a unique approach in the preservation 
of information which can be useful to improving crops and medicinal 

The expertise of people involved in this project includes plant 
scientists, computer scientists, molecular biologists, protein chemists, 
and supportive staff for the preservation of genetic information of 
endangered species.

Please respond if you are interested in providing methods or would like 
to join in this global effort to preserve the green genes.

Richard C. Dana, Ph.D.
Project Green Gene
P.O. Box 910416
San Diego, CA 92191-0416

e-mail: rcdana at

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