Advice Needed on transporting plants

NoloTec nolotec at
Sun Jun 26 00:01:01 EST 1994

My wife, daughter and I are moving from California to Massachusetts
this July.

My wife is an avid gardener/plant-lover.  She has any number of
potted plants both indoors and outdoors that she takes care of, and
would like to continue taking care of them in Massachusetts.

I intend to bring most of her plants with us on the drive across the
country in the back of the U-Haul.  I intend to take appx. 9 days to
make the trip, therefore the plants will be in total darkness for
those 9 days.

My father tells me he's heard of something one can do to plants to
prepare them for such a journey.  He seems to recall that it involves
forcing the plants into either shock or dormancy just before the
trip.  He also seems to think that this is done either with
deprivation of water or giving them too much water.

Does anyone have any insight into this?  Please advise, email

Email to:

astanhope at

Thank you,
Adam & Wichan Stanhope

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