Mango Itch?

Mon Jun 27 09:03:36 EST 1994

In article <kwm2.34.0001367D at>, kwm2 at (Kenneth W. Mudge) writes:
> Recently I was in Hawaii, doing some field work on an agroforestry 
> experiment with Leucaena trees, and at two of our sites Mango trees were in 
> abundance bearing luscious ripe fruit.  I ate quite a few (up to 5 at a 
> sitting), beginning about a week ago.  The same day, and for every day 
> since then I have been experiencing a whole body itch (scratch, scratch), 
> but only a slight visible rash.  My companions, with more tropical 
> experience than I, told me that Mango, being in the Anacardiaceae family (
> along with posion ivy, posion sumac, etc.), can cause a skin reaction (itch) 
> in sensitive individuals.  Indeed, I am very sensitive to posion ivy and 
> posion sumac.  Has anyone else ever heard of such a reaction to mango?  
> Is there anything I can do about it?  Will it ever stop (scratch, scratch)?

Your companions were right.  Treat it the same way as
you treat poison ivy- That is if you contact mango
wash immediately and put a calamine containing (possibly
with benadryl also) lotion on.  The sooner done the less
discomfort you will feel.  Meanwhile the itch will eventually
stop (after a week or so).  


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