yucca or yukka?

MAD, MAD, MAD SCIENTIST jwg at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu
Mon Jun 27 09:06:30 EST 1994

In article <chm3ajh.11.000F0F07 at leeds.ac.uk>, chm3ajh at leeds.ac.uk (A.J. HUGHES) writes:
> Does anyone have any information about the yucca (or is it spelt yukka?) 
> plant? I've recently bought one. It doesn't seem to need much water?
> Also does anyone know anything about cactii? I bought a cactus with a flower 
> on it but the flower seemed to be stuck on with glue! Which cactii flower?
> thanks
> Alex Hughes
Sounds like one of those cacti you buy in the store to which
they have attached plastic flowers. (Sometimes they even glue
on eyes).  Scientific name--  Cactus floraplasticum!


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