yucca or yukka?

Mon Jun 27 14:00:30 EST 1994

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chm3ajh at leeds.ac.uk (A.J. HUGHES) writes:
>Does anyone have any information about the yucca (or is it spelt yukka?)
>plant? I've recently bought one. It doesn't seem to need much water?
>Also does anyone know anything about cactii? I bought a cactus with a flower
>on it but the flower seemed to be stuck on with glue! Which cactii flower?
>Alex Hughes



     ALL cacti flower; some flower from within a year from seed -
others take many years to reach reproductive maturity.  The commonly
seen "adhesi-flower" placed on a living cactus with glue by
retailers of bulk lot plants are meant to appeal to the masses as a
selling point.  These flowers often look NOTHING like real cactus
flowers - I've even gone to the point of photographing them, and
trying to stump my colleagues into identifying the plant with such a
mis-match between the plant body (stem) and flower!  The glued
flowers are MUCH better than the "pin" flowers which were mounted on
the end of a metal or wooden pin; when jabbed into the flesh of a
succulent cactus stem, it is almost a sure thing that rot will set
in quickly, particularly with overhead watering.   I can't remember
how many dozens of calls I got asking why my cactus is roptting from
the top down - caused by these damn "flowers".

     If the "adhesi-flower" bothers you, you may carefully remove it
with a forceps, or if it's stuck to a spine, remove the entire spine
with a sharp scissors or nail clipper; DON'T cut into the green
flesh; you may do more harm than god!  Better yet; don't buy cactus
plants with these stupid flowers on them!.

Good luck,

Rob Wallace
Iowa State University

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