yucca or yukka?

Gerhard Killesreiter svgk at verleihnix.rz.tu-clausthal.de
Mon Jun 27 13:17:06 EST 1994

A.J. HUGHES (chm3ajh at leeds.ac.uk) wrote:
: Does anyone have any information about the yucca (or is it spelt yukka?) 
: plant? I've recently bought one. It doesn't seem to need much water?

: Also does anyone know anything about cactii? I bought a cactus with a flower 
: on it but the flower seemed to be stuck on with glue! Which cactii flower?

: thanks

: Alex Hughes
All cacti flower but some do easier than others ;-)
For beginners in cacti growing I'd recommend species
of the following geni:
Mammillaria, Rebutia, Gymnocalycium
You can sometimes get them at your local flower shop.
Most important in cacti growing is that they need
a lot of sun. And keep in mind that they are no
waterplants ;-) but nevertheless need regularly
water in the growing period which lasts about from
March till October.
In winter they need a cool ( 5-10 C), dry, and sunny
place and no water.
Hope that helps,

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