krystyne at krystyne at
Tue Jun 28 19:23:04 EST 1994

Hey!   I have yet ANOTHER question...   I have been doing soil testing
for a little while now at a lawn care company, and I have come to realize
that these soil testing kits are real expensive.   Just looking at the kit
it is obvious that to a person with experience in any kind of Soil Chemistry
the kit is kind of a shiest.   It just contains a bunch of little bottles,
probably filled with some inexpensive chemical, labelled "A", "B", etc..
   I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about soil testing and how
to go about "sticking it to the man" by purchasing bottles of raw chemical
in which to concoct these reagents themselves.   The tests that I conduct are
as follows: NITROGEN, PHOSPHOROUS, pH (I guess pH paper, wide range, would do
the trick here), and finally POTASSIUM.   These are all simple colour reaction
tests where you match up the reaction colour to the colour on the chart they
supply with the kit.   There has to be a simpler way of testing for these
things, and cheaper too.  HHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!



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