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>>Yeah!  Finally someone has passed on to me a Venus Fly Trap
>>Help me please, what do I feed him and how often?   Where
>>would be the best place to keep him....outside? inside? in direct sun?
>>in shade?   Ahhhhhhh!   How much water will he drink and will he eat my
>>cat?   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Much thanks...

>Most Venus Fly Traps are killed by overfeeding ... your cute little guy will
>live very well with an absolute minimum of "food". - Don't be tempted to keep
>feeding him to watch his leaves close over the prey, as this can be fatal.

>Don't give him meat as this is too salty. - The best is a occasional fly,
>either live or dead, say every two weeks in warm weather, every month or six
>weeks in cold.

>Also, about every two weeks you could apply some commercial soluble fertiliser
>at not more than 1/4 recommended dilution ... again, warm weather only.

>In summer you can keep him outside in the shade but in winter he will need
>protection from cold ... keep above 15 deg C or 60 deg F. Inside he'll be OK on
>a well lit window ledge but not in direct sun - needs high humidity so over the
>kitchen sink is a good spot.

>Keep in a small pot & don't let the roots dry out - the best growing medium is 
>spaghnum moss but clean peat is also good. Chances are that the present
>container will be OK for a long time anyway.

>I hope this helps ... BTW he won't eat your cat!


Venus Fly Traps are calcifuges so if you live in a hard water area
then tap water is out - use only rain or distilled water.  I am not
too sure about using fertilisers they survive in pretty hostile
environments which are mineral deficient - thats why they like to
eat out every now an again!

Good luck

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