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> I am looking for Pachypodium seed I am specifically interested in
> Madagascar species.   Could anyone possibly send me any information
> where to get them from...

The Banana Tree Inc. Rare Seeds in Pennsylvania sells seeds for five
different species of Pachypodium, including the following species:
geayi, horomboense, lameri, rosulatum, and saundersi.  Pachypodium
lameri is listed with the common name "Madagascar palm", though
others among those species may also be from Madagascar. The Banana
Tree seed catalog is $3.00 and is available from:

The Banana Tree, Inc. 
715 Northampton Street
Easton, PA 18042
Tel. 215-253-9589
Fax. 215-253-4864

Good luck !

John Gruber, Wynnewood, PA
JWGruber at

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