Venus Fly Trap

Matti Haack Matti at
Thu Jun 30 08:16:00 EST 1994

> Yeah!  Finally someone has passed on to me a Venus Fly Trap to care
> for.   One thing, UH OH, I have absolutely no idea how to care for

> would be the best place to keep him....outside? inside? in direct sun?
> in shade?   Ahhhhhhh!  How much water will he drink and will he eat my
> cat?

ATTENTION, Krystyne !

These plants could be very dangerous - they will not only eat your cat,  
but may even attack YOU...

But if you show a little attention to them, they could be nice friends...

I think, if you treet it like any normal plant, it will survive. Give him  
not too much water (without nothing in it), keep him warm but not in  
direkt sunlight and let him catch a fly...

But mention: If he will get wet, or if he will get in the light or if he  
is feed after midnight, you will get some problems....

 ciao. Matti.

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