Too Much Sun for Dave the Venus Fly Trap?

David Orlovich p8443882 at aix00.csd.unsw.OZ.AU
Wed Jun 29 19:21:29 EST 1994

I looked up my books on Venus' Flytyrap culture and found the following info:

Donald Schnell says (in "Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada":
John F. Blair, Publisher, Winston Salem, NC) "When the plants are actively
growing, there should be abundant light, humidity, and moderate but warm

Adrian Slack says (in "Insect-eating Plants and How To Grow Them" (1986):
Alphabooks, Dorset, England) "The position is important, for it must be sunny.
Always choose a windowsill which receives plenty of sun..."

and he says in "Carnivorous Plants": AH and AW Reed, Sydney, 1981 "It likes
a sunny place when the inner surfaces of the traps often colour brilliantly
but it will grow in sunless places in a good light."

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