who knows NIEM/NEM/NEEM?

Julius L Heinis jheinis at mailer.fsu.edu
Wed Mar 2 15:48:14 EST 1994

"Stefan Vetter"  <Stefan.Vetter at vu-wien.ac.at> writes:
> who knows niem or nem or neem? This should be a sub/tropic wooden plant growing 
> in East-Asia and/or India. Furthermore it is said to be used against insects and so on.
> SteVe
> Stefan.Vetter at vu-wien.ac.at
I am having a hell of a time to reply <Stefan.....> my mailer does not
like < >.  Now I upload an earlier letter: About that Neem. I searched a
bit more, using archie -se neem and found some good stuff for you (and
downloaded it). Please check with ftp sunsite.unc.edu location:
    file neem 11664 bytes under /new-info/l there is neem 4208 bytes
     I pass this on knowing full well that you are more internet-literate
than I.  Uploading the neem file may be
a bit cumbersome, but can be done.
    I sure hope this goes through.   JULIUS

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