NASA/NSF Program and Amsterdam Lunch

kearns at MIT.EDU kearns at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 3 20:36:58 EST 1994

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of a new program sponsored jointly
by NASA and NSF on plant environmental signal transduction and cell different-
iation. Research on responses to light, temp, and moisture is being
considered. I think that's good for us stomatal people! The program seeks to 
set up collaboartive networks with email communications and periodic meetings.
Emphasis has been placed on postdoctoral and grad student training. 
If you want more info. contact Dr. Machi Dilworth at NSF
email: mdilwort at
Good luck on your proposals!
Also, speaking of email networks and periodic meetings, I am planning a 
stomatal lunch at the ISPMB meeting in Amsterdam this summer. I'll put up 
notices at the meeting , but let me know if you are interested and I'll keep 
you informed of fast breaking lunch news as we approach the summer.

Best wishes, Ellen Kearns

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