TLC of spinach pigments

EeYoRe eeyore at wpi.WPI.EDU
Sun Mar 6 12:35:24 EST 1994

	I've been trying to separate and quantitate pigments from spinach
leaves (xanthophylls, chlorophyll b, chlorophyll a, pheophytin, carotenoids)
I am finding all but the chlorophylls separate.  The pigments are extracted
into 100% acetone (25 g deveined leaves in 100 mL acetone) in a blender
or homogenizer.  10 mL of hexane are added, and this portion is separated
and retained.  30 uL of this extract is spotted onto a silica gel TLC plate
and the solvent system is 3:1:1 petroleum ether:chloroform:acetone.
Any idea on what the problem might be?
						a TA trying to get this to
						work before the students
						have to try it!

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