FITC and cell walls

Tony Travis ajt at
Mon Mar 7 08:53:55 EST 1994

I'm using a BioRad MRC 600 to image barley (stem) cell walls, and I've
had some quite good results using 10 ug/ml FITC in ethanol to stain
ethanol conserved tissue (I'm only interested in the walls).

I've also tried acridine orange, ethidium bromide, FITC and Calcofluor
(blue fluorescence not useable on MRC 600 I have access to ...).  FITC
gives the most uniform fluorescence, which is what I want.

Does anyone have recent refs. or suggestions about non-specific
staining of cell walls for confocal fluorescence microscopy with an
argon-ion laser exitation and R/G fluorescence detection?

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