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Subject: colchicine
From: Stephen Canepa, stephen.canepa at
Date: Sat,  5 Mar 94 12:51:00 -0600
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>       I am trying to help a friend who does not have access to usenet.
>He is trying to do some experiments using colchicine on gourd plants.
>He has purchased a gram of powdered colchicine ($80.00), but there
>no instructions on dilution etc.  He knows that it is poisonous and
>plans on using rubber gloves and a respirator.  His plan is to spray
>mixture on different stages of seedling
growth to create polyploids.
>None of the resultant plants will be used for food.  Can someone
>help with instructions on dilution rates, methods of creating solution,
>etc.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  You can post in the
>conference or email to my address.  Thank you,  Stephen Canepa
>        internet address:  stephen.canepa at
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