Codon tables/primer design

Dr S T May lsrei at
Mon Mar 14 14:07:11 EST 1994

A co-worker is designing primers for PCR from protein sequence.
One primer is good (in terms of degeneracy and Tm), but the other
is a little 'iffy'.
The PCR will be from genomic template, and the 'good' region is
not big enough to attempt IPCR.  One solution is to use a
'vectorette' method or to PCR from a genomic library using
one of the plasmid primers as a second primer.
Another solution would be to 'improve' the second primer 
calculated from the protein sequence.

So:   i) Has anyone got, or knows of a source for, an elderberry
	genomic library.
      ii) Does anyone know if codon usage tables are available/
	have been used in primer design for plant families.
     iii) Is there an obvious alternative strategy that we may
	have overlooked

Thanks in advance for any help.

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