Kvitfjell Trees and Killer Morels!

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Tue Mar 15 12:59:39 EST 1994

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> In Sweden we find Morchella conica (Toppmurkla) and similar morels that
> are non poisonous and good. However, the most delicious morel is the very
> poisonous Gyromitra esculenta (Stenmurkla) which is widely used in Sweden.
> To prepare Gyromitra esculenta you should cut it to pieces (1 kg) and
> put it in 10 liters cold water. You should make sure that you have good
> ventilation during the boiling since the cook has on occasion been poisoned
> from the vapours without even eating from the morels...
> Heat to boiling, and let it boil for 4 minutes. Pour out the poisonous
> water and add 10 liters fresh cold water. Heat to boiling and boil for
> another five minutes. Pour out the water and stew the morels.
> Serve the morels with filet of moose and some rowanberry jam.

It makes you really wonder how many Swedes died trying to find the
right way to prepare the morels... Makes you also wonder how many
Norvegians jumped on that one to tell more Swede jokes!  Ha, I love

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