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>I don't know if this is the correct newsgroup to ask this, I just found
>this newsgroup listed and thought I would give a try.
>I have a hoya carnosa (sp) for ages and have repotted it several times
>so it did not get root-bound. My question is this-why won't the #$^%&*(
>thing bloom? It is in my west window (my only window), I talk to it, I
>feed it appropiate, I water carefully but it just hangs there. Do I have
>a eunuch for a plant? I would hang it outside on my balcony (partial
>shade but very hot in summer) but I think it burns easily. HELP! I am
>desparate for some blooms. thanks in advance.

I have no cultural experience with hoya carnosa in particular, but I know
that conditions
for blossoming in plants in general can be pretty specific.  Like the
temperature often
has to be just right, or the nutrients might have to _change_ to
different ratios, or
the watering might have to change.  Some things require a period of
freezing (although
hoya seems pretty tropical in my memory).  Check out a local botany
library (if possible),
like at an arboretum or conservatory or university.  If you strike out on
that, try a big
book store.

In other words, just because the conditions seem reasonable, doesn't mean
that they will
be conducive to blossoming.  Some plants need a little torture to start
blossoming (I
mean, they need to feel like the rainy season is over, etc.)

Good Luck.

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