E-mail address of CIMMYT, Mexico?

Ricardo J Salvador rjsalvad at iastate.edu
Tue Mar 15 16:52:35 EST 1994

In article <2m4pjh$msh at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> J R Beeching <bssjrb at midge.bath.ac.uk> writes:

>Do any of you have the e-mail address of CIMMYT in Mexico?  Specifically
>I wish to get in contact with Diego Gonzalez de Leon.

All of the international research centers of the Consultative Group for
International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) get their mail through a
gateway managed by CGNET. You can do an anonymous FTP to cgnet.com to
get info, help and directories of all CGNET members.  They have arcane
usernames that are usually a compound numerical code made up of the site's
number and the user's number. Once you obtain a person's username from one
of the directories available at cgnet.com you can mail that user at:

username at cgnet.com

To save you time, I note that the address cimmyt at cgnet.com is legal,
and if you head your message with an ATTENTION: DR. GONZALES DE LEON, that
should get you results. This is as good as sending Dr. G. direct mail, I'll
wager. I've discovered over time that few CGIAR personnel actually use
or handle their email accounts directly, but rather have secretaries 
check them and relay any incoming messages. All the same, the address
you're looking for is:

D.GONZALES-DE-LEON:   31057:cgn2024 at cgnet.com

I quote this from the CIMMYT directory listed in full below, which is
readily obtained as described above.

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A.ACOSTA              31057:CGN2541      CIMMYT   Assistant to Dr. Winkelmann
A.DELAVEGA            31057:CGN2158      CIMMYT  Economics Secretary
A.JIMENEZ             31057:CGN2005      CIMMYT  Pre-doc Fellow
A.LEZAMA              31057:CGN2166      CIMMYT   Secy to Dr. Fischer
A.MCNAB               31057:CGN2007      CIMMYT  Translations Coord/Editor
A.MORGUNOV            31057:CGN2176      CIMMYT  Wheat Breeder
A.O.DIALLO              157:CGI125       CIMMYT   At WARDA, Cote D'Ivoire
A.ORDAZ               31057:CGN2175      CIMMYT  Wheat Intl Nurs Secy
A.PALMER              31057:CGN2552      CIMMYT-KEN   At ILRAD, Nairobi, Kenya
A.RODRIGUEZ           31057:CGN2010      CIMMYT   Maize Program Secretary
A.SANTIAGO            31057:CGN2543      CIMMYT   Assistant to Financial Ofcr
B.ESTRADA             31057:CGN2157      CIMMYT  Secy to Dr Wedderburn
B.ROJON               31057:CGN2011      CIMMYT  Secretary
B.SKOVMAND            31057:CGN2012      CIMMYT  Section Head Germplasm Bank
C.CAFATI              31057:CGN2014      CIMMYT  DDG for Admin & Finance
C.CASTRO              31057:CGN2081      CIMMYT  Design Asst
C.DEGRACIA            31057:CGN2076      CIMMYT  Library Supervisor
C.DELEON                157:CGI205       CIMMYT   Bangkok Regional Office
C.DIAMOND             31057:CGN2016      CIMMYT   Secretary to Dr. Winkelmann
C.GIAUFFRET           31057:CGN2561      CIMMYT  Maize Highland Post-Doc
C.MANN                  157:CGI205       CIMMYT   Bangkok, Thailand
C.MEISNER               157:CGI425       CIMMYT  CIMMYT/CIDA project, Bangladesh
C.RAMIREZ             31057:CGN2019      CIMMYT  BSU Admin Asst
C.SANTANA             31057:CGN913       CIMMYT  Computer Systems Test Account
C.VENADO              31057:CGN2020      CIMMYT   Maize Program Secretary
CIM-CESDA               157:CGI246       CIMMYT   CESDA San Cristobal, Dom Rep
CIM-COSTARICA           157:CGI119       CIMMYT   MAG, San Jose, Costa Rica
CIM-HONDURAS            157:CGI118       CIMMYT  Recursos Naturales, Honduras
CIM-PANAMA              157:CGI124       CIMMYT   EDIAP, Panama City, Panama
CIMMYT                31057:CGN2000      CIMMYT   General Address, Mexico
CIMMYT-BANGKOK          157:CGI205       CIMMYT   Bangkok Regional Office
CIMMYT-CR               157:CGI066       CIMMYT   Costa Rica
CIMMYT-GUATEMALA        157:CGI080       CIMMYT   Guatemala Outreach office
CIMMYT-KENYA          31057:CGN2540      CIMMYT-KEN  At ILRAD, Nairobi
CIMMYT-MW               157:CGI177       CIMMYT     CIMMYT Malawi Office, Lilongwe
CIMMYT-NEPAL            157:CGI089       CIMMYT   Kathmandu, Nepal
CIMMYT-PAKISTAN         157:CGI023       CIMMYT   Pakistan Outreach
CIMMYT-PARAGUAY         157:CGI076       CIMMYT   Asuncion, Paraguay
CIMMYT-TURKEY           157:CGI071       CIMMYT   Ankara, Turkey
CIMMYT-ZIMBABWE         157:CGI237       CIMMYT   Zimbabwe
CIMMYT57                157:CGI201       CIMMYT    System 57 Mailbox
CIMMYT74              10074:CGU010       CIMMYT   Backup Account
D.BUCKLES             31057:CGN2021      CIMMYT  Anthropologist
D.BYERLEE             31057:CGN2022      CIMMYT  Director Econ Program
D.C.HESS              31057:CGN2556      CIMMYT  Maize Program Director
D.ELIZALDE            31057:CGN2023      CIMMYT   Secy to Dr Hess
D.GODINEZ             31057:CGN2162      CIMMYT  Wheat Crop Protection Secy
D.GONZALEZ-DE-LEON    31057:CGN2024      CIMMYT  Head AMGL
D.HOISINGTON          31057:CGN2025      CIMMYT  Head Applied Biotech
D.JEFFERS             31057:CGN2026      CIMMYT   Maize Pathology Coordinator
D.JEWELL                157:CGI237       CIMMYT   Maize Wide Crosses Coord
D.MCARTHUR            31057:CGN2138      CIMMYT   Financial Officer
D.MIR                 31057:CGN2092      CIMMYT  Wheat Program Secy
D.REES                31057:CGN2028      CIMMYT  Associate, Wheat Program
D.WINKELMANN          31057:CGN2030      CIMMYT   Director General
E.ACEVEDO             31057:CGN2031      CIMMYT  Leader, Wheat Crop Mgt & Physio
E.ARREDONDO           31057:CGN2542      CIMMYT   Assistant to Financial Ofcr
E.AUTRIQUE            31057:CGN2170      CIMMYT   Wheat Post Doc
E.CALDERON            31057:CGN2032      CIMMYT   Maize Program Secretary
E.DUVEILLER           31057:CGN2033      CIMMYT  Wheat Crop Protection Asso Sci
E.HESSE               31057:CGN2034      CIMMYT  Head Sci Info Unit
E.HETTEL              31057:CGN2035      CIMMYT  Wheat Science Writer
E.RODRIGUEZ           31057:CGN2545      CIMMYT   Maize End User Support
E.SAARI               31057:CGN2037      CIMMYT  Wheat Crop Protection Leader
F.ARIAS               31057:CGN2551      CIMMYT-KEN   At ILRAD, Kenya
F.E.DIAZ              31057:CGN2152      CIMMYT  Accounting Manager
F.GARCIA              31057:CGN2038      CIMMYT  Supervisor Sci Info Services
F.ROSANO              31057:CGN2040      CIMMYT  Operator Junior
F.SANTIVERI           31057:CGN2164      CIMMYT   Wheat Asso Scientis
F.SEGURA              31057:CGN2041      CIMMYT  Maintenance Engineer
G.EDMEADES            31057:CGN2043      CIMMYT   Maize Physiology & Agronomy Coord
G.FUENTES             31057:CGN2148      CIMMYT  Sr Staff Crop Protection
G.GRANADOS              157:CGI205       CIMMYT   Bangkok Regional Office
G.HERNANDEZ           31057:CGN2160      CIMMYT  Head, Training Services Office
G.IBARRA              31057:CGN2044      CIMMYT  Network & PC Manager
G.MARQUEZ             31057:CGN2045      CIMMYT  Secretary to Dr. Cafati
G.MARTINEZ            31057:CGN2544      CIMMYT   Govt. and Public Affairs
G.SAIN                  157:CGI066       CIMMYT   Costa Rica
G.SRINIVASAN          31057:CGN2046      CIMMYT   Intl Maize Testing Program
G.VARUGHESE           31057:CGN2047      CIMMYT  Asso Director, Wheat Program
H.AGREMA              31057:CGN2049      CIMMYT  Visiting Sci AMGL
H.ALVAREZ             31057:CGN2140      CIMMYT  Purchasing Officer
H.BARRETO             31057:CGN2546      CIMMYT   Maize Agronomist
H.CEBALLOS              157:CGI077       CIMMYT  At CIAT, Colombia
H.CORDOVA             31057:CGN2141      CIMMYT   Maize Lowland Tropical Breeder
H.J.BRAUN               157:CGI071       CIMMYT   Wheat Breeder, Turkey
H.KUMAR               31057:CGN2548      CIMMYT   Maize Asso Sci Entomology
H.MICKELSON           31057:CGN2550      CIMMYT   Maize PostDoc Subtropical
H.VAN-KEULEN          31057:CGN2178      CIMMYT  Wheat Visiting Scientist
H.VIVAR               31057:CGN2171      CIMMYT   Barley Breeder
I.FARIDI              31057:CGN2053      CIMMYT   Maize Post-Doc Wide Crosses
I.GARCIA              31057:CGN2054      CIMMYT   Maize Program Secretary
I.MONASTERIO          31057:CGN2161      CIMMYT  Wheat Agronomist
I.PENA                31057:CGN2056      CIMMYT  Wheat Crop Mgt & Phys Secy
J.BERTHAUD            31057:CGN2058      CIMMYT   Maize Tripsacum Genetics
J.BOLANOS               157:CGI080       CIMMYT   Guatemala Outreach office
J.CORBETT             31057:CGN2059      CIMMYT  Geographer-GIS
J.CROSSA              31057:CGN2060      CIMMYT  Head Biometric and Stats Unit
J.DEUTSCH             31057:CGN2061      CIMMYT   Maize Stress Resistance
J.DUBIN                 157:CGI089       CIMMYT   Kathmandu, Nepal
J.LOTHROP             31057:CGN2063      CIMMYT   Highland Maize breeder
J.MIHM                31057:CGN2064      CIMMYT   Maize Entomology Coordinator
J.PENA                31057:CGN2066      CIMMYT  Wheat Head Industrial Quality Lab
J.RAMIREZ             31057:CGN2142      CIMMYT  Administrative Officer
J.RANSOM              31057:CGN2553      CIMMYT-KEN   At ILRAD, Nairobi, Kenya
J.VARGAS              31057:CGN2001      CIMMYT  System Manager
K.CASSADAY            31057:CGN2068      CIMMYT  Econ Science Writer
K.PIXLEY                157:CGI237       CIMMYT   Zimbabwe, Maize Lowland Subtrop
K.SAYRE               31057:CGN2070      CIMMYT  Wheat Agronomist
L.AINSWORTH           31057:CGN2173      CIMMYT  Head, Visitors Services
L.BERTSCHINGER        31057:CGN2072      CIMMYT  Section Head Virology
L.BROERS              31057:CGN2073      CIMMYT  Asso Sci Crop protection
L.BUTLER              31057:CGN2144      CIMMYT   Headquarters, Mexico
L.E.GONZALEZ          31057:CGN2172      CIMMYT   Secy to Dr. Hesse
L.GILCHRIST           31057:CGN2075      CIMMYT  Wheat Pathologist
L.HARRINGTON          31057:CGN2154      CIMMYT  Economist
L.REYNOSO             31057:CGN2165      CIMMYT   Purchasing Office
L.SAAD                31057:CGN2077      CIMMYT  Asst Research
M.A.RODRIGUEZ         31057:CGN2562      CIMMYT  Maize Secy Intl Testing
M.BANZIGER            31057:CGN2078      CIMMYT   Maize Post-Doc Physiology
M.BELL                31057:CGN2145      CIMMYT  Head, Experimental Stations
M.BJARNASON           31057:CGN2079      CIMMYT   Maize Lowland Subtrop Coord
M.BOHN                31057:CGN2080      CIMMYT  Visiting Student AMGL
M.DELGADILLO          31057:CGN2084      CIMMYT  Secretary
M.FISCHER             31057:CGN2085      CIMMYT  Asso Sci AMGL
M.KAZI                31057:CGN2087      CIMMYT  Wheat Head Wide Crosses Program
M.KHAIRALLAH          31057:CGN2088      CIMMYT  Post-doc AMGL
M.KOHLI                 157:CGI076       CIMMYT   Reg'l Wheat Breeder, Paraguay
M.LISTMAN             31057:CGN2090      CIMMYT  Maize Science Writer
M.LOPEZ               31057:CGN2091      CIMMYT  Asso Sci
M.MORRIS                157:CGI205       CIMMYT   Regional Economist, Bangkok                                       
M.PAEZ                31057:CGN2095      CIMMYT  Training Ofcr
M.PENA                31057:CGN2156      CIMMYT  Secretary to Indust Qual Lab
M.PEREZ               31057:CGN2096      CIMMYT  Wheat Program Secy
M.PIER                31057:CGN2167      CIMMYT   Secy to Dr. Varughese
M.RAMOS               31057:CGN2098      CIMMYT  Admin Asst
M.REYNOLDS            31057:CGN2099      CIMMYT  Wheat Program Asso Scientist
M.RODRIGUEZ           31057:CGN2100      CIMMYT  Administrative Asst
M.VAN-GINKEL          31057:CGN2102      CIMMYT  Wheat Breeder
M.VNIEUWKOOP          31057:CGN2103      CIMMYT  Asso Sci
M.WILLCOX             31057:CGN2549      CIMMYT   Maize PostDoc stress breeding
M.WILLIAM             31057:CGN2169      CIMMYT   Wheat Asso Scientist
N.BOHOROVA            31057:CGN2104      CIMMYT  Asso Sci TCL
O.ABDALLA             31057:CGN2106      CIMMYT   Head, Durum Wheat
O.AVALOS              31057:CGN2107      CIMMYT  PC's Specialist
O.LEBLANC             31057:CGN2149      CIMMYT  Tripsacum Geneticist
P.BINDRABAN           31057:CGN2168      CIMMYT   Wheat Post-Doc Fellow
P.FOX                 31057:CGN2108      CIMMYT  Wheat Intl. Nurseries Head
P.HEISEY                157:CGI177       CIMMYT   Malawi Office, Lilongwe
P.HOBBS                 157:CGI330       CIMMYT  At Cornell Until May 93
P.HOBBS-T               157:CGI330       CIMMYT  At Cornell until May 1993
P.LOPEZ               31057:CGN2109      CIMMYT  Secretary to Dr. RRowe
P.WALL                  157:CGI076       CIMMYT   Wheat Agronomist, Paraguay
POSTMASTER-CIMMYT     31057:CGN2002      CIMMYT  Mail System
R.HASSAN              31057:CGN2560      CIMMYT-KEN   At ILRAD, Nairobi, Kenya
R.LAFITTE             31057:CGN2112      CIMMYT   Maize Physio & Agron Breeder
R.MAGANA              31057:CGN2174      CIMMYT  Wheat Intl Nurs Secy
R.ROWE                31057:CGN2116      CIMMYT  DDG for Research
R.SINGH               31057:CGN2179      CIMMYT  Wheat Pathologist/Geneticist
R.TRIPP               31057:CGN2146      CIMMYT  Economics Asst Director
R.VILLAREAL           31057:CGN2159      CIMMYT   Wheat Training Ofcr
R.WEDDERBURN          31057:CGN2119      CIMMYT   Maize Program Asso Director
S.CHAPMAN             31057:CGN2120      CIMMYT   Maize Post-Doc Physiology
S.HUANG               31057:CGN2163      CIMMYT  Maize Tropical Subprogram
S.LEWICKI             31057:CGN2177      CIMMYT  Wheat PostDoc Fellow
S.MCLEAN              31057:CGN2547      CIMMYT   Maize PostDoc Lowland Tropical
S.PANDEY                157:CGI077       CIMMYT  At CIAT, Colombia 
S.RAJARAM             31057:CGN2123      CIMMYT  Head, Bread Wheat Program
S.SANCHEZ             31057:CGN2124      CIMMYT  Operator Senior
S.TABA                31057:CGN2147      CIMMYT   Maize Germplasm Bank Head
S.VASAL               31057:CGN2125      CIMMYT   Maize Lowland Tropical Coord
S.WADDINGTON            157:CGI237       CIMMYT   Zimbabwe
T.FISCHER             31057:CGN2126      CIMMYT  Director, Wheat Program
T.HARRIS              31057:CGN2127      CIMMYT  Head Info Services
T.PAYNE                 157:CGI071       CIMMYT   Ankara, Turkey
T.RODRIGUEZ           31057:CGN2128      CIMMYT  User's Support Computer
V.VELAZQUEZ           31057:CGN2129      CIMMYT  Secretary
W.MWANGI                157:CGI070       CIMMYT   At ILCA, Ethiopia
W.PFEIFFER            31057:CGN2130      CIMMYT  Wheat & Triticale
W.VILLENA             31057:CGN2131      CIMMYT   Maize breeding Training Coord
Y.SAVIDAN             31057:CGN2134      CIMMYT   Maize Tripsacum Generics

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