Why didn't Mendel discover autosomal linkage in peas?

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>> more on whether the variation observed was as should be expected.
>> They come out very strongly in support of Mendel as a careful scientist,
>> as examined with the chi-square test (the test that the master statistician,
>> R. A. Fisher, used to question Mendel's results in 1936). Their position
>> is that his reputation has been restored in the last decade or two.
>> I recommend their book highly.
Found this in my files, Apologies to the corny sensitive.

In the beginning there was Mendel, thinking his lonely thoughts alone.  
Mendel said "Let there be peas", and there were peas, and it was good.  
He put the peas into the garden, saying unto them, "Increase and multiply,
segregate and assort yourselves independently", and they did and it was 
good.  Now it came to pass that when Mendel gathered up his peas, he
divided them into the round and the wrinkled, and he called the round, 
dominant, and the wrinkled, recessive.  And it was good.

But now Mendel saw that there were four hundred and fifty round peas and
one hundred and two wrinkled peas; this was not good for the law stateth
that there should be only three round peas for every wrinkled.  And 
Mendel said unto himself, "Gott in Himmel, an enemy hath done this,
he hath sown bad peas in my garden under the cover of night".  Mendel 
smote the table in righteous wrath, saying "depart from me, you cursed
peas, into the outer darkness where thou shall be devoured by the rats
and the mice".  And lo it was done, and there remained three hundred 
round peas and one hundred wrinkled.  And it was good, it was very, very
And Mendel published. 
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