leaf area analysis

Ricardo J Salvador rjsalvad at iastate.edu
Tue Mar 22 12:12:24 EST 1994

In article <940321162322.2023ed6d at Mercer.PeachNet.Edu> SHEPHERD_JD at Mercer.PeachNet.Edu writes:
>Date sent:  21-MAR-1994 16:19:12 
>I need to get fairly accurate leaf areas from scanned images.  Does 
>anyone have or know where I can get a program that calcuates areas 
>(and dimensions?) from graphics files on a PC?  If the program estimated 
>leaf damage area in holes etc, that would be a plus.

I believe Adobe Illustrator (or Aldus Freehand) can do this. A number of
years ago we lent our Macintosh and scanner system to a student who was
seeking to do just this, and he was very pleased with the results.

BTW, this is just incidental to this note, but Adobe and Aldus are
merging. Just announced last week.


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